A Centuries Old Leadership Manifesto

by Ray Reuter on August 24, 2017

I am definitely a raving fan of Ignatian Spirituality and ran across this description of the leadership qualities that Ignatius looked for when he founded the Jesuits close to 500 years ago (1539). What a beautiful leadership manifesto for all of us to embrace as we are all called to lead and influence others.

  • Someone who walks close to God.
  • A prayerful person.
  • One who has vision and can set other people’s hearts on fire.
  • Someone who is master of himself but a servant of others.
  • A humble person.
  • Someone who knows his own weakness and is therefore tolerant of the weakness of others.
  • A person of courage who won’t be deflected from a true course by the threat of danger or opposition, or compromise his integrity to gain wealth or status or power.
  • A person who can persevere doggedly when the going is difficult.
  • A person who can hold tensions in a creative balance.
  • A person who knows what a mess he is and is willing to let the Spirit hover over his chaos and bring about a new creation.”

We are all leaders — we all have the ability to influence others to do great things. Which one of these do you want to claim and strengthen in your life?

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