Have To • Get To • Choose To

by Ray Reuter on December 21, 2017

I like to challenge people when I hear them say … “have to.” Because honestly, there is little that we truly “have to” do. There is little that is “necessary for survival” — which is what “have to” means. This applies to my self-talk as well when I say “have to.” Am I being honest with myself when I tell myself I “have to” do something? Generally not.

An alternative I suggest is “choose to.” This is more empowering and accurate. I don’t “have to” … rather I “choose to.” For instance, I don’t have to exercise, I choose to. I don’t have to go to the meeting, I choose to. I don’t have to go to work, I choose to. I don’t have to be nice, I choose to.  I “choose to” because I want to avoid the consequences of not choosing to!

You may have heard that word swap trick before. Like me, maybe you consider that Jedi mind trick and roll your eyes … yeah right …

Okay, so I offer a third alternative which is … “get to.” When I view my life from the “get to” place I immediately shift to a place of gratitude and realize my freedom, my liberty. I get to go to work! I get to exercise! I get to lead my team! I get to parent my children! I get to be kind. I get to pray and go to church. I get to visit my family for Christmas. ツ I “get to” because I am employed, I am healthy, I am trusted, I am loved, I am alive, I belong, I am blessed.

You “get” the point.

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