I Wonder…

by Ray Reuter on September 18, 2012

I was recently reminded of a great “unfettering” practice – the practice of wondering vs. hoping or expecting or desiring or wanting …  However, the practice requires that we embrace the unknown and let go of our desire for certainty; shifting our uncertainty into a daily adventure.  In other words … I wonder how this will all turn out.

“Hoping” generally leads to disappointment and unhappiness if those hopes are not realized.  We also are blind to learning opportunities and side adventures because we can be so focused on what we want / desire / hope for.  Wondering, on the other hand, doesn’t result in unhappiness because there are no hopes to be dashed.  And with the delight that comes from wondering, fear of uncertainty is replaced by curiosityI wonder how and when I’ll acquire my next coaching client …  I wonder if the group will be inspired by my presentation …  I wonder if my granddaughter will be healthy …  I wonder what will be my next job opportunity …  I wonder if my son will go to college …  I wonder if she feels the same way …  I wonder how I’m going to deal with this …  Consider all the things you are hoping for and restate them with a sense of wonder.

A final thought … start each day by saying the following to yourself as you wake up … “I wonder what will happen in my life today.”  And then stay awake and alert for what will come … and embrace the adventure.

Share some of the things you wonder about in the comments below …

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