Coaching Is About You

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you have always got.”

It’s time for a different approach. Coaching is about actively taking control of your life so that you can reach your goals, rather than passively waiting for success to find you. Coaching is an investment you make in both yourself and your work. The goals you set are strictly yours. You control what you want to change and improve.

  • Get fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities
  • Enhance your thinking and decision making skills
  • Improve you interpersonal effectiveness
  • Become more personally productive
  • Increase your personal satisfaction with life and work
  • Achieve personally relevant goals

 When the Expectations That Aren’t Being Met…Are Your Own

Through coaching, people are able to clarify their vision, overcome obstacles, change self-defeating beliefs and habits, build trust and goodwill, turn a business around, dramatically increase sales or personal productivity, practice inspiring leadership, change an organization’s culture, or do whatever else is called for to achieve extraordinary results. People use the coaching relationship to focus on personal as well as business goals.

Kaizen Can Unfetter Your Potential

Many people are content and comfortable with their results and level of performance. In fact, they are in the majority— the 80%. They want to continue to do what they have always done.

However, if your gut and heart are saying, “There is more I can do. There is more I can achieve. I want more out of my life. A higher level of performance and productivity is possible…” then you are one of the few in the 20%. Now you are faced with a decision to change, to do something different, to stretch your comfort zone, to admit you cannot do it alone, to grow and develop your innate potential.

The next step is to really explore what’s possible, to envision a compelling future, to partner with someone who can guide you and your organization. If you are ready for this conversation, call Kaizen to set up an appointment.

  • Is there a gap between where you are and where you need to be?
  • Is too much of your time spent reacting rather than being proactive?
  • Are you “always behind”?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Are you facing the need to stretch outside your comfort zone? To go beyond the known horizon of previous successes?
  • Do you have difficulty making decisions? Do you second-guess yourself?
  • Are you working harder and enjoying it less?
  • Are you making less money than you want and deserve?
  • Have you reached a plateau? Are you stuck?

Are you ready? Unfetter the potential in your people, your business – and yourself.

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