What our clients say…

Our agency hired Ray to conduct a series of team building sessions in order to help improve our internal service/referral processes. As a result of Ray's work we have all gained incredible insight into ourselves, and how to better interact with, and respond to our peers.

Ray is extremely knowledgeable and insightful. He has the ability to implement many varied approaches to help coach others in their personal development and interpersonal relationship skills. If you have any interest at all in providing an atmosphere for your team members to take your company to the next level, you need Ray Reuter.

Jim Mellon, CEO
Noise Reduction System - Kansas City

Ray has the ability to listen and to hear what you are saying. He is able to separate personal matters from professional matters and guide you to a path that will move you forward in both. He is able to identify and prioritize the issues that needed to be dealt with. Time spent with Ray is time well spent.

Burton Kelso
Computer Service, Computer Repair and Technology Expert

Ray is a fantastic mentor and career coach. Throughout the years, he has provided wonderful guidance in identifying my personal and professional strengths and focusing me on the task at hand.

Ray has used Kaizen as a portal for getting his message of maximizing each person's potential in both our personal and professional lives. Ray not only coaches individuals on how to get better - he lives it by example every day.

Ray is a great friend, mentor, and coach - I'd recommend him to anyone.

Jon Appino

I have had the good fortune of knowing and working with Ray Reuter who I believe to be one of the best at what he does. Ray is a quality individual and sets the standard by which we should all lead our lives. Ray comes with my highest recommendation.

Joe Edwards, President
The Leadership Forum

Ray provides a results-oriented approach to my business. He is detail oriented and assists me in keeping me on top of my business planning by providing good communication and follow-up tools. He keeps me accountable for my business action plans. I highly recommend him to anyone serious about their business.

Charlie Upton, President
HR Benefits, Inc.

Ray Reuter has helped me develop a consistent process for my practice. Always having a Clear Next Action in my client experience has made a huge difference in my level of effectiveness.

Ernie Collyer, President & Owner
Collyer and Associates

I can say that my business would not be where it is without his knowledge of how to create a team, set goals and accountability. I was recommended Ray by a good friend and he has been a real asset ever since. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow their business and get the most out of staff and employees.

Matney Danny, Owner
Maple Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery Inc.

I have worked with Ray for nearly a year now. He has given me a support structure that I value highly and would now be uncomfortable without. I had thought about working with a coach for 2 years- I should have done it sooner. Bottom line, working with Ray makes me money.

Michael T. Faciana, Regional Vice President
Financial Services/Investment Company

I have known Ray for 8 years now and my respect and friendship for him grows deeper each year. I first met and hired him to help me build morale and team spirit as a sales manager, which led me to utilize him both as a personal and professional coach. Ray is an honest, steadfast, business professional whose passion for excellence is contagious. I would recommend Ray to anyone who wants an honest, ethical, and accountable business partner.

Bob Ondrejka
Personal Mortgage Consultant

I have worked with Ray as a business coach for a number of years. His support and coaching have enabled me to grow my practice more than what I thought was possible. He believes in a balanced, high integrity approach to life. His coaching and training programs take into account what you want and who you are so that you can create an excellent business.

Mark Cook

I have worked with Ray for several years now as I have built my financial services company and he has helped me to both envision what I want my company to be and to create the actionable plans and steps to make that happen. I credit him and his coaching expertise in helping me to create this business.

He understands that my practice, as important as it is to me, is only part of my life and he helps me to maintain the life balance that is critical to my success not only as a business owner but also as a wife, mother, friend, community member, etc.

I would highly recommend Ray to anyone who wants to clarify their goals in any area of life and wants assistance and accountability to bring those goals to an actionable plan and reality.

Leigha Shepard, Owner
Midwest Financial Partners

I recommend Ray as a business coach. I have worked with him many years & appreciate his honesty, creativity, and friendship so much. He has helped me think "outside the box", and has personalized his advice to my style which I very much appreciate. Ray is great with technology & an amazing listener/question asker!

Jim Hanna

I know Ray Reuter as a man of great integrity and an unrelenting drive for success. He has been a source of wise counsel to me and I have come to respect him highly.

Robert Gremminger
Constellation Energy

Ray is great! We have utilized Ray's skillls and services with our peer group for several years. Everyone respects Ray for his skills, his ethics, creativity and leadership. He is a very good man.

John Lane
Congressional Bank


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