By Another Way

by Ray Reuter on January 10, 2019

The beginning of a new year prompts an assortment of opportunities to reboot, refresh, renew, revitalize, remake. A familiar story from scripture that happens within the first few days of a year shines light on this occasion. It is the story of the Magi, the Three Wisemen, the Three Kings, that followed His star to seek something new — in this case a newborn king, Jesus. These seekers were so astonished by the encounter they prostrated themselves and did homage. They offered valuable gifts. They truly had an “epiphany” or “AHA” experience, a revealing moment that changed their course. This is confirmed at the end of the story as the Magi departed for home by another way. This encounter altered “the way they had always done things.”

This is a wonderful backdrop for all of us as we move from one year to the next. It seems trendy to poo poo new year’s resolutions. I emphatically challenge that thinking and perspective. I hope you and I will have an “epiphany” this year that will prompt us to live by another way.

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