Self-Glorification vs. Self-Fulfillment

by Ray Reuter on February 7, 2019

Anthony DeMello caught my attention when he contrasted two different types of feelings …

The first … the kind of feeling when someone praises you, when you are approved, accepted, applauded. Or when you succeed, make it, reach the top, “win.” Or when you were the boss, had power or popularity, people looked up to you or took orders from you. This cluster of feelings could be summarized by “LOOK AT ME!” “Look at what I have done?!”

Anthony DeMello describes these feelings as worldly in nature. They come from self-glorification, self-promotion — they are not natural. They were invented by society to drive productivity, to control, to produce excitement, thrills.

Contrasted with these worldly feelings, consider a second kind of feeling that arises when looking at a sunset or the sunrise or nature in general. Or when you really are fully engaged in a job or task you are doing and lose track of time. Or the feeling of intimacy, companionship, love, friendship, laughter, joy. This second set of feelings comes from self-fulfillment, from the soul.

Now step back and observe yourself … how many of your actions are performed, how many activities do you engage in, that are driven by worldly desires, the desire for attention, approval, fame, popularity, success or power? And look at the people around you … are they also not seduced by and addicted to these worldly feelings?

With this perspective, one can see and understand how people attempt to gain the world and in the process, lose their soul.

The takeaway … stay awake and be aware. Do not fall prey to focusing so much time on things of this world; rather look beyond yourself, feed your soul, and gain fulfillment. Think on these things …

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