Quarterly Unfettered Focus

by Ray Reuter on April 12, 2013


Who’s got a “To Do” list?  Everyone!  Much (very much) of our focus each day / week / month is on DOING.  As a coach and “unfetterer of potential,” I move  people to go beyond just do it.  Specifically, I want people to set their FOCUS and INTENTION for a 90-day period that addresses the following …

  • TO BE … how do you want to BE?  That’s the place to start.  Examples … BE assertive, BE patient, BE intentional, BE present, BE on time, BE compassionate, BE holy, BE attentive, BE generous, BE _________.  These often are CORE areas that make us stronger and boost all aspects of our life.
  • TO COMPLETE … these are items that you absolutely want to get done, finished, cleaned up, over with, checked off the list.  No excuses.  TO COMPLETE is more specific and intentional than simply TO DO, and it makes a difference.
  • TO DO … yes, these have a place in your plan.  These are your “must-dos” and action items that will move you closer to your goals, dreams, results.  Often then are ongoing in nature such as asking for referrals, meet 3 new people per week, read something positive 30 minutes a day, work out 4x per week, and so forth.
  • TO ACHIEVE … your specific, measurable goals (e.g., sales, income, weight loss, new clients, debt reduction).  Through your BEING, COMPLETING and DOING – You will ACHIEVE!

One final tip … identify the actions and events that have specific dates.  Add these to your calendar.  Also add critical TO DOs and deadlines to your calendar. Identify WHEN you are going to do things, not just WHAT you are going to do.  The common resource we all have is 24 hours a day, 168 hours per week.

This is your Quarterly Unfettered Focus

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Sibas October 10, 2015 at 4:29 am

that success is 10% inorapitisn and 90% perspiration. Inspiration is your destination. Perspiration (dedication) is the vehicle that gets you there.Inspiration can reveal your desire. You may realize you can fulfill your desire.You may decisively choose to achieve your goal, cutting off all other possibilities.Then you dedicate yourself to your task. That’s where Kaizen comes into play. Do you know how an airplane flies from New York to Hong Kong? After selecting the destination, the aircraft makes continuous adjustments to it’s flight path. The aircraft is always off course, so it is always adjusting it’s flight path. It can hit the occasional air pocket, or avoid bad weather, as required. But it’s single minded purpose is it’s goal, it’s destination.People are like that. Life is like that. You set your goals, then you strive to achieve them. Big goals can be broken down into a number of smaller goals. Each of these can be broken down into still smaller goals. This is how impossible dreams can be turned into reality one small step at a time.


Janelle July 12, 2016 at 9:43 pm

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