by Ray Reuter on April 19, 2013

minus signI’m sure you have an abundance of things on your to do list, on your desk, around your living space, scheduled on your calendar.  Each “thing” has a voice of its own that shouts at you for attention — “look at me!”, “work on me!”, “pick me!.”  Plus they require “memory” resources.  We fall victim to the temptation to please and likely compromise things to get them all done and put to rest.  We ADD and DO MORE under the false sense that we are being productive and it is the “right” thing to do. See the irony?!

What would happen if you did one fewer thing — you “minused” something? What if subtracting that from your task list allowed you to do a world-class job on the rest? Or maybe give you some breathing room — a few moments of R, R, & R … rest, reflection, and restoration.

If everything’s important, nothing’s important. Great wisdom from Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great.

The inbox is the perfect delivery system of other people’s priorities. Close it. Chris Brogan accurately asserts. This applies to email, social media, news.  Shut. It. Down.

Why trade something that is unique to you for something somebody else is eventually going to do?!  Andy Stanley points out.  What this means is FOCUS FIRST on those things that only you can do.  Only you are the Mom or Dad to your children.  Only you are the husband or wife.  Only you are the grandparent.  Somebody else someday will produce that report, conduct that analysis, give that presentation, answer those calls, sell that policy.

Each of these ideas require us to MINUS something to gain something MORE … more significant, more rewarding, more fulfilling, more lasting.

MINUS means MORE, not less!

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