S.T.A.R.T. to Live

by Ray Reuter on February 6, 2014

Start to liveLive to Start. Start to Live. This is beautiful life philosophy called “Gavin’s Law” from the book by Richie Norton called The Power of Starting Something Stupid: How to Crush Fear, Make Dreams Happen & Live Without Regret. “Gavin’s Law” is named after Richie’s brother-in-law Gavin, who died at 21, just two years before the death of his baby boy Gavin. 

It is yet another reminder that life is short — we do not know how many more breathes we have left. So … don’t wait, start, be present, live with meaning and intention.

In his book, Norton outlines a S.T.A.R.T. mindset — five principles to live by based on the word “start.”

  • SERVE. Be a servant, a giver, a sower.
  • THANK. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. All is gift.
  • ASK. Be humble and ask for help, support, wisdom, guidance, direction.
  • RECEIVE. Fully embrace all you receive — not just the “thing” but also the person.
  • TRUST. Be trustworthy. Extend trust — first to yourself and then to others.

Let us start for we have been given a life to live

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