by Ray Reuter on February 13, 2014

Jude is our most recent grandchild to make the transition from crawling to walking. The process typically over several weeks is fascinating to observe …

Jude Walk to Crawl 2

  • Standing without support … “Whoa, look at me! Now what do I do?”
  • Sitting … “Whew, that’s better, safer.”
  • Standing without support (again) … “I can do this! But …”
  • Crawling … “This is much more comfortable and less risky. I’ll stick to this for awhile.”
  • Standing without support … “Why do people continue to stand me in the middle of the room? Getting easier. I think I can reach that thing over there … Success!”
  • Stepping with support between objects … “Feeling cocky! Whoops! Boom …”
  • Sitting (again)
  • Standing without support … “Can people just let me be?”
  • Stepping without support … “Wow! That was cool. Was that an accident?”
  • Stepping without support … “Nope! Legs are workin’ now. I got this figured out.”
  • Walking!!

Jude Walk to Crawl 3

While all of us reading this probably have the walking thing down, we also likely have our own “thing” that fits this process. Maybe it is marketing? Phone calling? Effective confrontation? Networking? Budgeting? Learning a new skill? The common factor is a transitional challenge from what is safe, secure, comfortable — i.e., CRAWLING — to what is more risky, dangerous, uncomfortable — i.e., WALKING. And if we can persevere through the “ups and downs” (pun intended) of the transition, we will eventually be off and RUNNING! 

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