Getting It All Done

by Ray Reuter on October 3, 2013

Getting All DoneYou might have been teased by the title above — getting it ALL done. Really! I want to know that secret — tell me more! I had the same desire when reading Jon Acuff’s book which offered a five-step secret to getting everything done.

Well, I’m going to break it to you that the first step in getting it all done is to admit that you can’t possibly get it all done.  C’mon man! Don’t mess with me like that.

The second step is to give yourself the grace to accept that as a reality, not a failure. Oh … okay … that helps.

Step 3 is do the things you can do with your full attention. That bears rewriting … do the things YOU (and no one else) can do with your FULL ATTENTION. That fits.

Next, celebrate what happens during step 3 instead of obsessing over the things you didn’t get to. That’s step four. CELEBRATE the things you did to your fullest. Let go of the things you did not get to — they will show up again. We know that.

And then the final step is repeat as necessary. I love that “as necessary” is defined by the user. During my current time of imbalance, “necessary” is about every hour or so. Admitting what’s not possible and giving myself grace.

Remember, you own your calendar and your to-do list. It reports to you; you don’t report to it.  Be a good boss.

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KingFdh October 28, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Great article! I jot notes to keep me redemnid of what is important to do. And I notice that those items that don’t get done are more than likely not even valuable to my business. thanks for sharing these ideas. great job today!


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