The Art of Sowing

by Ray Reuter on August 29, 2013


One of my favorite parables is the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13: 1-9). From the perspective of the sower, I admire that he sows with reckless abandon. I imagine he has a big bag of seed and is just sowing it all over the place. He is not judging where to sow — the focus is just on sowing. Trusting the process. Not wondering or over thinking the situation with doubtful self-talk such as …

  • … not sure that is good, fertile soil over there.
  • … That ground doesn’t look too receptive to me.
  • … they seem busy — I’ll pass over that space.
  • … I’m not sure I’m worthy to sow there.
  • … I’m afraid I will run out so I’m going save some seed back.
  • … I’m not sure today is the best day to sow so I’ll wait until tomorrow.
  • … I sowed there last week — that should be enough.

Nope — none of that. Just sow baby sow! With reckless abandon.

Considerations on how you and I can practice the art of good sowing …

  • Make the phone call.
  • Send the email. Write the note / letter.
  • Invite the person … and their friend.
  • Ask the question. And the next question.
  • Say thank you. Express your appreciation.
  • Say I love you! Multiple times.
  • Greet one another. Smile.
  • Hugs, handshakes, high-fives.
  • Listen.
  • Provide feedback to help someone grow and improve.
  • Give the $20 not the $1.
  • Take the risk. Start something.
  • Pray without ceasing.

There is plenty of seed. Go be reckless …

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