Sabbath Rhythm

by Ray Reuter on February 12, 2015

rest area signThis is the 7th week of the year and I have designated this week as a “Sabbath Week.” What that means to me is a week of rest, restoration, play, a chance to “sharpen the saw,” an opportunity to do things that are Quadrant 2 in nature (important yet not urgent) — i.e., reading / writing / content development / relationship building — that generally do not find room on my calendar in a “normal” week.

God has provided a rhythm for us in which we are to “rest” every 7 days. This year I am challenging myself to extend that rhythm to “rest” every 7 weeks. To be in God’s image is my ability, like God, to stop. I imitate God by stopping and resting. God worked. We are to work. God rested. We are to rest.

The core issue with a Sabbath is TRUST. Do I trust God to take care of me and my concerns if I obey Him and keep holy the Sabbath one day per week? one week out of seven? The discipline of a Sabbath challenges me to embrace my limits. God is God. He is indispensable. I am his creature. The world (and my business) continues working fine when I pause and slow down. We don’t serve the Sabbath; the Sabbath serves us.

There are many ways in which we can create a Sabbath for ourselves to acknowledge God is on the throne. Several possibilities to consider include “resting” from work, hurriedness, physical exhaustion, competitiveness, worry, decision-making, catching up on errands, talking, technology / machines, multi-tasking, agendas / schedules / routines.

So what does this mean for you? I encourage you to take 7 minutes to “shut down” and contemplate the love of God and where you are called to apply this principle.

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