Everything’s Amazing

by Ray Reuter on September 18, 2014

Everything's amazing 2STOP
look around
see the world around you
see the people around you
hear the sounds of life
know that ALL IS GOOD!


Our lives our amazing! Everything is AMAZING when we truly look / listen / think / trust — and it’s not too hard really.

God is ALL GOOD. ALL creation is GOOD. EVERYTHING is good and amazing. No matter what, we can trust God. Repeat slowly … No matter what, we can trust God! Our fundamental wound is that we don’t trust God. Instead we try to control everything and as a result live in fear, anxiety, and worry. Our lifelong journey toward holiness is to STOP this temptation and desire to be in control and challenge the doubt that we cannot trust God.

God is love. God is good. We can trust Him. If our trust in Him is great … His generosity will be abundant.

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