Catching God

by Ray Reuter on August 11, 2016

The game Pokémon GO has certainly captured the fancy of millions of people who are out searching the world to catch ’em all — that is, Pokémon. Consider just a few of the amazing statistics …

  • 75 million downloads in the first 3 weeks
  • 25 million daily users in the US
  • Average usage of 33.5 minutes per day per user

Imagine the possibilities for a minute if we all had the same passion and fervor to find God in the world and catch Him! The truth is God is in ALL things. ALL is a gift from God. He is easy to find if we look. Maybe we take God for granted and fail to see Him, or simply not look for Him unless we “need” to. Maybe it takes a “game” to awaken our senses and challenge our perspective to see the blessings that we have before us. If so — go ahead and download. Then Stop. Look. See God. Catch God. Thank God. And Keep Looking …


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