Fulcrum of Faith

by Ray Reuter on August 18, 2016

fulcrumA fulcrum is a support or point of rest on which a lever pivots. Consider an aspect of your life (your work or business, a relationship, a new venture, your health) as a lever and faith as the fulcrum. Frankly, does not most everything in our lives rest on our faith, our beliefs?! We place faith in our employees, customers / clients, spouse, family, our skills and competence and ability, and God. So how strong and wide is your fulcrum?

Whatever aspect of your life you choose, there are generally two opposing perspectives. Success vs. failure, acceptance vs. rejection, win vs. lose, be still vs. take action, go vs. stop, bravery vs. fear. If my fulcrum of faith is thin and narrow, those opposing forces, voices, outcomes are teetering quite a bit. The situation feels unstable and wobbly. The intensity of the two extremes is magnified.

However, when my fulcrum of faith is thick and wide, there is stability, balance, and a sense of steadiness and peace between the options. I am better able to think, discern, reflect, analyze, and choose. In fact, the wider fulcrum of faith gives me a more secure and safe platform to explore various choices.

Often times I find myself overly focused on the ends of the spectrum and not on the fulcrum. Instead, focusing on the width and strength of my fulcrum of faith would be far better and more fruitful and worthwhile.

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