Poor Fishing But A Good Catch

by Ray Reuter on August 25, 2016

fishing netsPeter, a professional fisherman, as all good professionals are apt to do, focused on doing his profession. In Peter’s case, catching fish. He focused on production, “doing,” quantity. 

However, in several cases, one in particular, he wasn’t too successful. He was out fishing all night and did not catch a single fish, nada, skunked. (Maybe it was a good thing he changed professions!) Coming home after a long day of nothing, some guy named Jesus told him to put out his nets again. You can imagine Peter saying to himself, “C’Mon Man!” Yet Peter humbled himself, listened, obeyed, and was open to direction. He cast out the nets again, I’m sure not expecting a whole lot. Then BAM! — an amazing, extraordinary catch — so many fish that fishing nets were ripping apart. A fish tale for the ages! 

Peter, however, focuses on himself and his ineptitude — calling himself a sinner. Clearly feeling not good enough, less than. But Jesus quickly puts an end to that nonsense, essentially telling Peter to knock it off, be quiet! Stop trying to “do” all by yourself.

And by the way … “Do not be afraid!” In other words, stop the not-good-enough / less-than pity party. I’ve got bigger plans for you! From now on you will bring in people instead of fish. And Peter went on to become an exceptional leader, a “Rock.”

I suggest several valuable lessons from this powerful fish story …

  • When I / we attempt to do everything ourselves, focusing exclusively on our ways and methods, we may not be very successful, or less successful than we could be.
  • When I / we humble ourselves, surrendering and trusting our Lord, Jesus, amazing, extraordinary results happen!
  • It’s about knowing Jesus and following Jesus without fear. Jesus does the work if we allow him, if we listen to him.

What is your fish tale? What are you trying to do all by yourself? Stop working so hard alone! Pause … and listen to where the Lord is calling you to cast your nets. “Come, follow me … and I will make you ____________________.”

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