“Why Papa?”

by Ray Reuter on December 11, 2014

Why Papa PicThree-year olds. Everything is punctuated with the question, “Why?”

Larry, get down from there.

Why Papa?

Because you might fall.

Why Papa?

Because you could accidently slip.

Why Papa?

Because I don’t want you to get hurt.

Why Papa?

Because you would cry and I would feel sad.

Why Papa?

Because I love you.

Why Papa?

Because you teach me so much!


Sheesh. The constant stream of “why” questions wear me out! My logical self thinks they want cause-and-effect answers, but they fail to satisfy. I read that what children really mean when they ask “Why?” is … “That’s interesting to me. Let’s talk about that! Tell me more.” There is no need to mention because, or therefore, or cause, or effect. They want connection … a story or tale, wisdom or insight on that subject. They want attention and focus and listening. Kids are curious and this is how they learn and grow and understand the world.

Gosh, isn’t this the same for us when we ask, “Why God?” We are really seeking connection with our heavenly Papa. We want His attention and focus and love and understanding.

In our lives, asking the question “why” leads to change in a positive way. “Why” helps to define “why” you do what you do and what is the real purpose that you do it. By asking “why?” you define a clear and specific purpose for your daily life. For instance, “Why did God give you breath today?” The answer is your Godly mission. Asking why motivates us and expands our options where we can explore and discover where we have never explored before.

More than anything, Larry and the three-year olds in my life totally expand my thinking and lead me on marvelous adventures. Just another reason “why” I love them so much and learn so much from them.

What can you ask “why” about today?

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