Love & Forgiveness

by Ray Reuter on December 4, 2014

POSTER-love-vs-forgiveness-finito-twThese unfettered thoughts are inspired by John Chappelear and Lance Secretan.

Love and Forgiveness are the answer to pretty much any question except “where are my keys.”

John Chappelear defines Love as “understanding the needs of others and treating those needs as important as my own.” In other words, Love is the willingness to see and connect with others on an emotional level and to seek similarities rather than differences, to change our perspective. When we understand and value the needs of others—when we LOVE, we create a powerful feeling of self and a mutual connection that creates a sense of harmony and peace.

Lance Secretan defines Love as “the place where my heart touches your heart and adds to who we both are as persons.” When we connect with others heart to heart, it doesn’t mean that we are weak, and it does not require anyone to “submit” to someone or “give up” anything. In a dialogue that comes from the sweetness of your heart to that of another, there are only winners, not losers—there is, simply, oneness.

The opposing force is Fear, which manifests itself as negative emotions in others and in ourselves. To overcome Fear, Forgiveness is the answer. When we carry anger, judgments and resentments around … they are like an elephant on our back. Fear is a shadow. The only thing that removes the shadow is the light of Love and Forgiveness.

Whenever we experience pain or sadness, it is because we have become separated from what, or whom, we love. And whenever we are inspired and joyful, it is because we are one with what, or whom, we love. Practicing Forgiveness and connecting with others (Love) will tear down any barrier.

Conscious leaders who have the courage to be humble, forgiving, and loving—and therefore authentic—are much more inspiring and effective leaders, because they use their hearts to engage the hearts of others. There is deep wisdom and power in opening our heart and using it to relate to others. These are the relationships that inspire, because they are heart-to-heart and cause us to feel and connect as one.

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