Vacation Thinking

by Ray Reuter on February 26, 2015


My wife and I recently had the blessing of spending a long weekend in the Sedona area of Arizona on vacation. As is typically the case with vacation or time away, it allowed my head to empty itself and become filled with “vacation thinking.”

“Vacation thinking” is BIG, BOLD, positive, confident, focused, strong, intentional, clear, inspiring. My mind opens up to a future full of hope and possibilities. I find myself energized and motivated to initiate changes, make pledges, follow through on commitments, set stretch goals. I want that vacation thinking to be sustainable and lasting.

And I have been here before and know that keeping that thinking “alive” is challenging in the midst of day-to-day noise, distractions, demands, obligations, and responsibilities. I see myself as a young boy shooting the winning free throws in my imagination on the driveway. I see and imagine and feel and believe what’s possible. Then I find myself on the free throw line surrounded by shouting, crowds, competitors, people for me making the shots and people against me, pressure, tension. What happens next?

It ultimately is up to me and my behavior and self-talk. Same for you. Through practice, repetition, and discipline I can strengthen and maintain my vacation thinking. Think BIG! live unfettered.

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