Tasting and Feeling the Truth

by Ray Reuter on May 1, 2014

chickenstagesThere is a big difference between knowledge and awareness. Knowledge is about information, about what I “know,” about what’s in my head. Knowing does not often translate into doing. I may know that smoking is unhealthy, and I continue to smoke. I may know that getting more organized and managing my time better will result in greater productivity and results, yet I continue to just focus on the urgent stuff in front of me. I may know that spending more time with my employees / spouse / children will deepen those relationships, yet I am too busy with other things and keep putting things off.

Awareness is a deeper concept that leads to action, a change in behavior. Your doctor says you have spots on your lungs and they could be cancer – suddenly you are aware that smoking could kill you. And ideally change occurs. Smoking that was unhealthy transforms into smoking could kill me! Before I knew smoking could kill me; now, I am aware it could kill me. A client leaves for a competitor because of lack of follow-up and poor client service. Awareness! My behavior is negatively impacting me. Before I knew I should do better with following up and providing service; now I am aware clients want that or they will leave.

St. Ignatius has a nice expression for this reality. He calls it tasting and feeling the truth— not knowing it, but tasting and feeling it, getting a feel for it. When you get a feel for it – for the truth, for reality, for the brutal facts – you will likely change. When you just know it in your head, you won’t.

What do you currently know that you want to shift to awareness to alter what lies ahead?

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