Time for a Nap?!

by Ray Reuter on July 17, 2014

No Need RestAs the front wave of our grandchildren approach the age of 3, their ability to express resistance toward taking a nap has increased. Recently, Henry implemented a three-prong strategy to avoid a nap by sharing with us …

  1. “I no need rest.”
  2. “I already nap.”
  3. “I watch soccer.” (The World Cup happened to be on TV in the room.)

As grandparents and parents we know better and we can exercise our will and authority and help little guys like Henry get some rest so they can be more functional and bearable the balance of the day. As adults, we are the ones who must exercise discipline and take care of ourselves and give our souls rest. And like Henry, we often have at least three or more layers of resistance we tell ourselves.

  1. “I no need rest.” Translated … “I am too busy and have too much to do to slow down and rest. That would be unproductive.”
  2. “I already nap.” Translated … “Not critical and important now – I’ve done it before it can wait while I focus on what is urgent.”
  3. “I watch soccer.” Translated … “I have something more important to do. Someone or something else demands / needs my attention.”

What is the rest or “nap” that you are resisting? What lies are you telling yourself to avoid resting or doing that activity that is important but not urgent now? What distractions and duties are you allowing into your world that trick you into procrastinating what is good for you in the long run?

“___(your name)___, it’s time for your nap!!”


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