Lessons from a Boy and His Rock

by Ray Reuter on May 2, 2013

Calvin and Rock“Rocks” is often used as a metaphor for “priorities.”  In my work unfettering potential, I encourage individuals to identify their “rocks” / priorities so they can allocate time for them during their week, they can rally around them in terms of short-term goals and objectives, and they can focus on them in terms of critical issues to overcome.  And the bigger the “rock,” the more important the occurrence, the goal, the issue.

This past glorious Sunday, I was at the Overland Park Arboretum with my grandkids and in the process of their exploration, Calvin found a rock.  It was a pretty good sized rock.  He did his best to hang on to the rock which prevented him from doing other things such as picking up and looking at other rocks, watching the train, moving with much agility.  Calvin’s mom volunteered to hold Calvin’s rock, but Calvin resisted delegating the task of caring for his rock.  Calvin held on to the rock as we moseyed to the pond and a new batch of rocks (and other attractions) which caught his attention.  While doing his best to hang on to his rock, he began to focus on rocks and a stick that his cousins had discovered and his original rock was losing some luster.  However, in the end, Calvin hung on to his rock and was very proud of it — wanting to share his precious item with anyone who would listen.

So what LESSONS can we take away from Calvin and his rock …

  • Rocks are indeed our priorities and it is important we hold on to them.
  • Sometimes our rocks can limit our activity and prevent us from doing other important things.  At times, it makes sense to let go.
  • Delegate!  Many times others can help us with our rocks if we simply trust and ask them.
  • Don’t be tempted by other people’s rocks or other people’s priorities.  Only you can determine what’s most important to you.
  • Be proud and cheerful about your rocks — your successes and accomplishments.  Share your JOY with others.

So what matters most to you?  What “rocks” do you want to hold on to, let go off, delegate or share with others, and / or celebrate?!

* Pictured is Calvin discussing his prize possession with cousin Lawrence.

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