Skipping Rocks

by Ray Reuter on July 24, 2014

Who doesn’t like skipping rocks?! No matter what the age, there is something compelling about finding that perfect flat rock and seeing how many times we can skip it across the water. Ideal conditions include a large body of (relatively still) water, an abundance of small flat rocks, and time.

I recently experienced this ideal situation at one of my favorite places on earth — Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior. I have skipped many rocks at this location several occasions before and it holds loving memories of times when my boys were younger. This moment it was a representation of God’s abundance and a glimpse of what one of the rooms in heaven might contain.

DSC_0911The awareness that stirred this vision of God and His LOVE for me and us included the following elements …

  • The BEAUTY of God’s love. This location oozes the beauty and uniqueness of God’s creation.
  • The ABUNDANCE of God’s love. This “beach” holds an endless supply of good flat skipping rocks.
  • The DEPTH of God’s love. Time stood still at this place. All thoughts of mine were displaced by God’s goodness. Nothing else mattered except simply being present in that heavenly moment. There was no anxiety, worry, doubt — only clarity and oneness with Our Creator. It was powerful.

Eventually I left that spot — maybe for the last time in my lifetime. Yet what will not leave me is the grace of that moment to savor in my memory bank … and a few good skipping rocks that I kept in my pocket!

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