Adventure Is Out There!

by Ray Reuter on July 11, 2013

DSC_1434“Many of the adventures you go on will not make sense to other people because the outcome is unknown. But journeys where the outcome is already known are not adventures, they’re errands. And you were created to do more than run errands.                 — Jon Acuff

My grandson Henry’s favorite movie right now is “Up.” He loves the line, “Adventure is out there!” That’s him in the picture — chasing another adventure.

Adventure is out there … and as Jon Acuff wonderfully states, with an adventure the outcome is unknown. Jesus calls us to walk by faith, not by sight. So … our whole life is really designed to be an adventure. That’s a bit hard for someone like me (maybe you too) who likes to be in control, likes to know the plan, likes security, likes to know all the risks up front. And yet that is not who God calls you and I to be. We are not on this earth to run errands!

I’ve got a close friend who is on an adventure — retiring early from a large, safe company (where he was on an errand?) who is now pursuing his passion of becoming a high school math teacher. He does not know what the outcome is going to be. However, he is taking charge of the start. Awesome!

My children are on an adventure with having children of their own — how exciting … and daunting. My wife has started an adventure to grow and develop in the area of spiritual direction. I’m considering an adventure to form a team of 15 unfettered business owners who inspire and sharpen one another to maximize business performance, positively impact lives, and glorify God. The outcome is unknown. I’m not sure it makes sense. And that’s a good thing because it causes me to let go and trust in my Heavenly Father.

When is comes to the art of exploring, Carl and Ellie from the movie “Up” (along with Henry) are the best of the best. They teach us / me adventuring on every point of the spectrum, from fort-building in the back yard to traveling to distance lands where they lose sight of the shore.

So what’s your adventure? Go after it …

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