Wealth Management

by Ray Reuter on April 12, 2018

As a strategic business coach that works extensively in the financial services industry, the topic of “wealth management” is prevalent. In this context, “wealth” is primarily about money, assets, returns, portfolios, capital growth, and so forth. Professionals are hired to manage one’s wealth and maximize the results.

I challenge us to expand the definition of “wealth” to go far beyond finances. In fact, we are all wealth managers and are called to manage the assets in our lives such as …

  • Our Health & Wellness
  • Our Relationships (Spouse, Children, Family, Friends)
  • Our Abilities (Physical, Mental)
  • Our Minds (Learning, Education)
  • Our Skills (Leadership, Communication, Craftsmanship, Artistry)
  • Our Talents & Gifts
  • Our Possessions (Stewardship)
  • Our Environment / Natural Resources
  • Our Freedoms

Furthermore, and perhaps the most important takeaway, is to embrace this broader definition of wealth when we judge ourselves and determine our “net worth.” Wealth is far more than money. I want to remember that more often. I am rich; you are rich. We are wealthy. Let’s be prudent and wise wealth managers of our abundance.

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