We Are All F.H.B.s

by Ray Reuter on October 30, 2014

FHBI recently had an experience in which I made a major mistake. I sent an email with sensitive information to the wrong distribution list. Someone alerted me to my mistake and I was mortified. As this situation unfolded, I was captivated at the thoughts and behaviors that were triggered. I share this because it was insightful for me and it might be for others.

  1. Gratitude to the person who alerted me to the situation. How fortunate I was for someone having my back.
  2. Frantically, I spent time on figuring out how do I recall this message and hopefully wipe out this mistake all together! Looking back, I was fascinated that my first reaction was deception – and then I realized this is how the evil one works. Any crack, chink in our armor is an opportunity for the deceiver to attack / work. Evil is ever-present.
  3. After going down this path for a while I realized it was futile. It was likely too late. The only person I was deceiving was myself.
  4. My gut hurt and my mind was filled with lies. “I blew it.” “I will lose this relationship.” “I have irrevocably embarrassed myself.” More deception attempting to take root.
  5. I fully confessed and owned my mistake – alerting those who were impacted that I messed up. No excuses. No rationale. I made a mistake. I am accountable. I shined light on my error and the darkness went away.
  6. I apologized and asked for forgiveness.
  7. I was understood and forgiven! I was encouraged that “stuff happens.” My relationship was restored and became even healthier.

So what did I learn from this experience and take away?

  • Mistakes happen. I am an F.H.B. – i.e., a Fallible Human Being!
  • Be on guard for deception and lies – they will attack my vulnerability when I am human and make mistakes.
  • Own the situation and my part in it. No masks, no excuses, no justification. Light will defeat darkness.
  • Receive the gift of forgiveness … and move on with meekness and humility.
  • Surround myself with healthy relationships that will give me grace when I will inevitably goof up. Build those relationships daily.
  • Forgive freely when someone makes a mistake that impacts me. Remember, they are an F.H.B. too!

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