Hitting & Pitching

by Ray Reuter on March 12, 2015

Baseball Equipment Laying on GrassBaseball Spring Training is in full “swing” and everyone is excited, anticipating the new season. All is fresh and new. Pitchers and hitters are getting in shape and honing their skills. Both are necessary for success.

We too need to be good at both hitting and pitching …

  • Good hitting means we react well and effectively to what is thrown at us. We are ready and prepared to encounter the key moments and events triggered by the outside world. We make successful choices to “let pass” things outside of our strike zone, and “make contact” with things in our strike zone. We have a plan, we are focused, we know our strike zone, and we are disciplined.
  • Good pitching means we initiate the action and decide what’s going to happen next. We set the pace, outline the approach, deliver the ball. We initiate instead of react. We proactively create the agenda and control our time and effort. We take responsibility and ownership for the outcomes and results based on what we choose to “pitch.”

Winning teams possess both skills — hitting and pitching. Similarly, successful (unfettered) individuals also have developed strong skills in knowing when and how to react / “hit” and when and how to initiate / “pitch.” Batter Up!

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