It’s Good to be ROYAL

by Ray Reuter on October 23, 2014

RoyalIt would be almost sacrilegious to not write something about the Kansas City Royals. I own I was quite skeptical in September – doubting the Royals would hang in there and make the playoffs, much less win the wild card play-in game, beat the Angels – who had the best record in baseball!, and then sweep the Orioles. 8-0 in the playoffs. Who would have thunk it?! 😉

No one! And that is precisely the root of the unexpected JOY you can’t help but feel. I reflected on why? Why such unfettered JOY?

  1. Totally, completely, unanticipated and unexpected. It defies logic.
  2. A large mass of people engaged at once – hundreds of thousands of fans who follow the Kansas City Royals as their team.
  3. A likeable product. The “Boys in Blue” are exuberant, playful, competing hard, embracing the moment, and connecting with fans.

These factors have converged together at this moment in history to create a truly unique, entertaining, community experience. By their very nature, these moments cannot be planned. They can only be experienced and lived. It is a gift. Take it in. Receive it. Experience it. Capture it.

And let’s continue to unwrap this gift. Let’s Go Royals!

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Ale December 25, 2015 at 6:43 pm

Awesome post! Not sure why I’m just now seeing this, but I cpmtleoely agree. I made this same choice myself about a year ago and am not looking back.


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