Free Will

by Ray Reuter on October 16, 2014

DSC_0219I have expressed multiple times how my grandchildren have opened up my eyes to the unconditional love of God, Our Heavenly Father. My eyes have also been opened to the serpent and what many call original sin from the story of Adam & Eve. The “free will” that God granted man and woman is exposed when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge which was forbidden. This created separation from God.

FREE WILL. FREE CHOICE. This characteristic we have been given draws us closer to or farther away from God, Love, and one another. It is very real in each of us from birth.

I see FREE WILL active in my little angelic grandchildren. How can these beautiful little ones be so nasty at times?! They are expressing their free will when they …

  • Toss their tray of food on the floor.
  • Spit at you when you ask them a question.
  • Body check their brother to the floor when walking past them.
  • Bite.
  • Fling themselves on the floor in a tantrum.
  • Take a toy from someone else … because they want it and are stronger.
  • Refuse to eat.
  • Throw sand at their cousin.

Really?! Why?! What causes you sweet one to be so mean? FREE WILL. God intended it to be this way. It is a gift, blessing, challenge we have throughout our lives. It enables good and evil to be ever present, battling it out for our attention and choice. What will we choose?

  • How do I respond to others?
  • Do I do what I say I am going to do?
  • How do I give feedback? How do I accept feedback?
  • What do I say about others when they are not present?
  • What do I do when no one is watching?

The good, no GREAT NEWS is that our choices do not impact the love that God has for us. Praise the Lord! Certainly He prefers choices that draw us closer to Him. Yet His love is truly, always unconditional. Similarly, even when the grandkids choose to do nasty, mean things … I still love them! Love conquers all.

In this world of FREE WILL, will you and I love one another regardless of the choices that are made?

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