Continuous New Learning

by Ray Reuter on February 19, 2013

Blog Picture 2I absolutely love and adore observing my grandkids.  I am blessed with 3 grandsons that are within 4½ months of each other.  Often on Fridays we get them all together and I love watching them learn, grow, and develop – certainly week-by-week, but also minute-by-minute. Their small lives are 100% continuous learning.  Every moment they are learning what is okay and acceptable – toys, puzzles, climbing stairs, looking at books, banging on drums, sharing with each other – as well as things that are not okay and acceptable – pretty much all electronics, many cupboards and drawers, hitting the dog (or each another), throwing or spitting food.  It’s amazing how fast they can learn what button to push to turn something on (or off), what cupboard doors are not secure, what food is more tasty – just by looking at it, where the snacks are stored.  For them, everything is a “new learning” – regardless if it is good or bad.

That continuous new learning attitude and perspective is so healthy and something all of us, young and old (including me), could use more of.  Be present to and enjoy all of the moments of your day.  Be open … there is so much to learn.

One more important observation to emphasize … to my grandsons, everything is a new learning, good or bad.  They are not hesitate or afraid to try new things and learn from them.  I often get caught up in fear and reluctance because I don’t want to fail, or make a mistake, or look stupid, or be uncomfortable.  And I miss out on new learnings as a result, becoming fettered in my thoughts and behaviors (and results).  So be like a child – venture and explore new things, embracing all that is new before you.

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Bob S. February 23, 2013 at 12:04 pm

Unfortunately that last parargragh is one of my weaknesses. It stunts my potential growth. Need to be more like your grandsons!! God bless.


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