To Resolve

by Ray Reuter on February 15, 2013

To Resolve

It seems fashionable and trendy to mock the concept of New Year’s resolutions – after all why make a resolution for the new year when chances are high that you will fail anyway!  What’s the point?!  Yes, we are all FHB’s (Fallible Human Beings) and stumble and fall along the path of improvement.  Truth be told, I planned on this blog post to be published the first week of January – and now it is the middle of February.  [sigh / smile]

However, the definition of RESOLVE is to come to a definite or earnest decision about something; a determination to do something.  To not expect some resistance or opposition is foolish.  To resolve means to push through resistance with determination.  That’s where the growth lies.

So you can pooh-pooh the notion of resolutions or give up on any resolutions you made six weeks into the year.  Or you can persevere through, restart, reboot, resolve to do and be different starting NOW.  A tool I recommend to inspire your Goal Setting and Focus is the Perfect Year Process.  What would make your year perfect?  And then resolve to make that happen.

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Galen February 15, 2013 at 5:31 pm

Sounds like my coaching situation………still resisting and still pushin!!


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