Throw Down Your Staff

by Ray Reuter on February 22, 2013

staffCheck out Exodus 4:2-5.  In summary, the Lord asked Moses what he held in his hand.  “A staff” Moses replied.  The Lord then told Moses to “throw it on the ground.”  When Moses does this, the staff turns into a snake.  The Lord then instructed Moses to reach out and take the snake by the tail.  When Moses did that and took hold of the snake, it turned back into a staff.

Moses’ staff functioned as a walking stick, a weapon, and a prod to guide the sheep.  A shepherd never left home without his staff.  A shepherd’s staff represented security – physical, financial, relational.  For Moses, his staff was also part of his identity.  Moses saw himself as simply a shepherd.  He even challenged God to choose someone else to lead the Israelites.  “Who am I?!” Moses countered back to God.

Has God called you to throw something down … something that is part of your security or in which you place your identity?  It’s hard to let go, isn’t it?!  It feels like I am losing control.  And that is the point!  God wanted Moses to let go of his security and identity and rely solely on Him.  God wants you and me to also “throw down our staff” to become what He wants us to be.  Moses had to throw down the shepherd’s staff in order for it to be transformed into the powerful rod of God.

These are trying economic times.  It tempts me to tighten my grip on my identity and security.  Where do you find your identity?  What is the source of your security?  As long as you or I hold on to our staffs, we will never know what we can accomplish when we surrender to God’s power.  It may be time to let go …

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Bob S. February 23, 2013 at 11:58 am

LET GO- LET GOD………first encountered and spoke that phrase in 1979. Still a big part and challenge of my Godly journey and mission. Thanks for the reflection. God bless.


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