Snow Day

by Ray Reuter on February 23, 2013

Snow DayIs there anything quite as glorious and unfettering as a Snow Day?!  Some of the gifts that a Snow Day brings …

  • An opportunity for a free workout – working muscles I know have not been used for awhile.
  • A chance to legitimately use that 4-wheel drive you paid extra for.  Or that snowblower.
  • A chance to show off that big truck you have – finally a payoff for the low gas mileage.
  • An opportunity to play – with your kids, spouse, neighbors.
  • A chance to meet your neighbors!
  • Photo opportunities with the children in the snow all bundled up, the dog frolicking around, your car buried in the driveway.
  • A chance to call in to the radio or TV station and tell them how much snowfall your gauge registered.
  • A chance to see what daytime TV is really about.
  • An open invitation to do those things you “never have time for” such as cleaning, uncluttering, scrapbooking, organizing photos, updating your computer, journaling, building a puzzle.
  • Ample possibilities for random acts of kindness and being a Good Samaritan.
  • Discovering what’s really in the food pantry.

So what makes a Snow Day so special?  It’s unexpected … and there are no expectations.  The “unexpected” nature of a Snow Day makes a huge difference.  It just happens – schools are closed, work is shut down, roads are impassable – Yippee!!  Because it is “unexpected” … we have “no expectations” for ourselves.  We are truly FREE to do whatever we want without guilt (or at least less guilt).  And others have “no expectations” for us for the most part either.  Suddenly we have permission to not do things that are normally expected of us (e.g., immediately respond to email, do homework, get up early and work out).  What joy and freedom!

I wonder how can we make more Snow Days occur in our lives – but that would counter the “unexpected” nature of them.  So the lesson is simply to ENJOY!

A couple of closing comments … my judgment is that there are many people who go out into a Snow Day and really really do not need to.  I challenge you to receive the gifts of a Snow Day and let go of your plans for just a day or two.

And to those who really really need to be out in a Snow Day – thank you and bless you for your sacrifice and dedication.

So what do you do on a Snow Day?

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