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by Ray Reuter on September 19, 2013


The football season has begun and the 15th year of the REUTER FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE (RFFL) is in full swing.Fantasy Football has produced many learnings and insights over the years — some I continue to need to be reminded of. All of these show up in our lives outside of fantasy football.

  • Avoid the hype. I still get suckered into the hype about some rookie, free agent, late season phenom. Hype sells magazines and drives page views — it is less about you, the customer, and much more about who is selling something. Buyer beware …
  • Don’t underestimate experience. It is best to error on the side of someone with experience, who has consistently produced results before. (See Peyton Manning)
  • Know the scoring system. Know what drives results and points. What are the fundamentals and basics that generate your desired outcomes? Then implement a plan accordingly.
  • Monitor weekly. To be successful, one must diligently track reality. What’s working? What’s not working? What adjustments do I want to make?
  • Be patient. One successful game does not translate into a season. Same with one dud of a game. Trust your initial instincts and allow things to play out a bit before (over)reacting. My rule is to stick with a player for a minimum of 3 weeks before making a move.
  • Know when to drop. Okay, there is a point when it is time to make a move and drop a player. Don’t be insane — expecting different results with the same players week after week after week. Have the guts to make a change.
  • Pay attention to ability AND motivation. Lots of focus is placed on a player’s ability, and too often their motivation is overlooked. Someone with great ability and low motivation (e.g., just signed a big new contract) can be mediocre. Whereas someone with average ability and high motivation (e.g., last year of a contract) can really excel.
  • Like your team! For heaven’s sake, choose players that you like, that you enjoy, that you respect, that you want to cheer for. It makes the season so much more fun.

Fantasy football is extremely popular and played by thousands. Countless hours and enormous energy is focused on this activity. It is part art and part science. And it teaches us many important lessons beyond football that will enhance our work and life.

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