Just 3 Words Exercise

by Ray Reuter on January 1, 2015

3 WordsLast year was my first year to come up with Just 3 Words for the year — an idea inspired by Chris Brogan who challenges people to come up with their Three Words, a method for building your year’s intentions and focus around three words that mean something to you. Chris states with the Three Words mindset, you are setting up a compass, a way to keep yourself on the path.

Consider Your 3 Words

As you ponder Your 3 Words, choose words that will guide and influence choices and decisions you will encounter. Consider words that reinforce commitments and changes you will make. Identify words that span various roles in your life to expand their usefulness and impact.

In 2014, my words were “Embrace, Discipline, and Elastic.” EMBRACE was about fully embracing what God has entrusted to me. I wanted to more wholly accept and appreciate what I have in my life, and not what I have not. DISCIPLINE applied to multiple areas of my life. ELASTIC was being flexible and stretchy — trusting that things will bounce back when stretched.

What were the results? Progress was definitely made in some areas more than others. And these words provided focus and served as “guardrails” throughout the year. They led to becoming more unfettered.

Choose Your 3 Words

Now it is your turn. Contemplate and call out the 3 words that can serve as a beacon for you.

I will reveal My 3 Words next week.

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