Behind the Christmas Card Photo

by Ray Reuter on November 24, 2016

The week of Thanksgiving I’ve recently got into the habit of reflecting on my year, looking back, and GIVING THANKS. It is the time I create the annual Reuter Family Yearbook and prepare the annual Christmas card / letter which involves determining “the” picture that makes the cover of the Christmas card. The picture for 2016 is above and behind that photo are many many lessons and insights from the past year for myself and maybe for you too! Allow me to share some of them starting with the upper left and going right, then down and going back to the left.

  • Larry … take risks, test the boundaries, get out of your comfort zone, try new things, experiment, stretch.
  • Calvin … plan, prepare, study, be safe, routines are good, keep track of your things, know your limits.
  • Leo (only child so far) … having your own space is wonderful, play well with others, enjoy being king of your castle when you can.
  • Louis (being held) … life is to be explored, roll with whatever life throws at you … dust yourself off … and keep moving, enjoy good meals.
  • Anthony … it is hard trying to fit in all the time and get noticed, don’t let others bug you, you are good enough just the way you are.
  • Lucy … often times things don’t go as planned or expected even for princesses and perfectionists (ツ), go with the flow vs. against it, don’t take things personally, not everything is within your control.
  • Francis … live in the present moment, be content with what you have, it’s all good!
  • Henry … sometimes super powers and extra effort are necessary, use your imagination, pretend some of the time, be creative, ask for what you want.
  • Simon … don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself, follow the path others create for you, having a snack always makes things better.
  • Thomas … just have fun and be joyful, a smile works every time, wear whatever feels good and comfortable.
  • Jude … being mischievous and sneaky can work at times, stand your ground, be firm, provide clear direction at how the game is to be played.
  • Julie (upper right) … always good to have a cornerstone, an anchor, a wise one, a go-to person in your life!

As you prepare your Christmas card and receive Christmas cards this year, pause for a moment and treasure the lessons and stories.

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