Catching Flak

by Ray Reuter on January 11, 2018

“Flak” is defined as anti-aircraft guns and the bursting shells fired from those guns. In other words … noise, opposition, criticism, resistance, objections.

I’ve read that if a bomber is not catching flak, the pilot of the plane knows they are either in the wrong place or the enemy has moved. Thus, flak is to be expected! Flak is actually a positive sign that you are in the right place, engaging the appropriate enemy / challenges. If you are not encountering some flak, you may not be “on mission.”

I don’t believe this means that there are not moments of peace, calm, and “rest.” After all, bombers went out, completed their mission, and then hopefully returned “home” to safety and security. What it means to me is that I want to properly manage my expectations as I begin any activity. I anticipate and am ready for some “flak” — embracing opposition knowing that I am right where I should be, doing what I should be doing. And then safely returning back to base to get ready for another run.

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