Light for the Road Ahead

by Ray Reuter on October 31, 2013

headlightsImagine yourself driving late on a dark night … in the country … on a county blacktop road … fields of crops on both sides … no one else seemingly on the road … no other lights to speak of … just you driving with your headlights on. Your headlights provide just enough light to see the road immediately ahead and drive safely. For good measure, we can flip on our high beams for a little extra distance. Note — We do not see our destination, we do not see miles ahead, we do not see the next intersection or town until our headlights illuminate it as we draw closer.

Yet, the light is adequate, sufficient. Seeing only to the end of your headlights … you can make the whole trip that way!

Don’t know what you want to say or do?  Proceed with faith anyway.  Clarity often emerges from our trust in the Lord and stepping out of the boat; it doesn’t precede our work. Often we grip too hard to a specific outcome / “destination” when we are given just the right amount of light to keep moving and take the next step. Drive on …

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