The Master Has Need of It

by Ray Reuter on April 14, 2016

Inspiration for this post comes from a Robert Barron sermon.

A simple one liner buried in the gospel for Palm Sunday reads … “The Master has need of it.” The context …

The disciples are given instructions to go ahead into a village and untether a donkey and if the owner protests simply say, “The Master has need of it.”

We all should embrace and see ourselves as donkeys to some extent … humble, not particularly graceful, made for work, tethered to things. And most important, we are owned by the Master. We are all marked for Christ, branded. We belong to him. He has need of us. The donkey exists for the Master.

Your life is not about you.

Digging a bit deeper, God really does not technically “need” us. He is God after all, the Master and Creator of the Universe. Yet there is dignity between the donkey and the owner because they belong to one another in a relationship. The same is true between us and God. God allows us to participate in His work in a derivative way. He made us in His image. Our talents and abilities are not for us. What we have is from Christ and for Christ to serve his purposes. It is not about us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made …. for Christ.

The Master has need of you … and me.  

Note that the donkey was tied up, tethered. That is very symbolic as we are very much tied to many things that we believe are important. And how awesome it is when someone comes along to untie us to serve. Untied — unfettered! — we can find out what we were truly meant to be, and experience true freedom.

The Master has need for you, He has a plan for you. 

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