Shoes & Socks

by Ray Reuter on April 7, 2016

Last Import - 1 of 1 (2)What is it about shoes and socks that are so inhibiting? As the grandkids enter the door, within the first 5 minutes off come the shoes and socks — flung in the doorway — and they are off and running in their bare feet. It does not matter if we are going outside in a little bit, the shoes and socks must come off. And when they do, FREEDOM!

As I look upon the piles of shoes and socks, I am struck by the simplicity and power of this simple act. The removal of shoes and socks brings instant JOY and energy. The kids are free to run and play!

As an adult, I wish it was so simple. In order to feel that same energy and joy, I often have much more that I need to metaphorically “take off.” All the stress, worries, anxieties, responsibilities of life. When does the shift happen? When do we start to keep our “shoes and socks on” and become more and more fettered with life and work and people and …?

For now it does not matter. It is play time. Take a look at the pile of shoes and socks and give yourself permission to add yours to the pile and run free for awhile! ツ

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