Thoughts Approaching • Stand Clear

by Ray Reuter on May 31, 2018


On an extended weekend in Washington, D.C., my wife and I heard words to this effect over and over and over again as we rode the Metro throughout the city. There was an orange line, red line, green line, blue line, silver line. Trains would come for a moment, PAUSE to allow passengers to get on and off, and then move on. We had to pay attention and be present and alert.

The point of painting this scenario is related to the practice of Centering Prayer. The essence of Centering Prayer is to make the mind blank … to just be present to our breath or sacred word … to dis-engage from all thoughts. Let me share with you, this is all easier said than done! “Thoughts” is a broad umbrella term for every perception and these are constantly approaching like the Metro trains. Thoughts are always approaching. That is normal.

What are we to do? STAND CLEAR! Doors Closing. Let the thought go … … be present and return to your breath, your sacred word.

This technique works well for Centering Prayer and beyond. Thoughts and “key moments” are always approaching. If I had to label the different thought “lines” that flow into my mind something other than colors, they could be the Worry line, Fear line, Anger line, Judgment line. But like the message over the speaker … Stand Clear! Pay attention. Stay awake. Keep alert. Is this “thought” meant for you? Do you need to get on or off? Doors Closing! Embrace it … or … let that thought move on down the line …

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