Like Me or Not Like Me?

by Ray Reuter on June 7, 2018

To WIN … we must see ourselves as a WINNER. To ACHIEVE … we must see ourselves as an ACHIEVER. To PERFORM … we must see ourselves as a PERFORMER. To LEAD … we must see ourselves as a LEADER. You see the pattern … how we behave will always be inline with how we see ourselves. Thus it is wise to carefully and deliberately fine-tune “what makes you act like you” — i.e., your Self-Image.

Our Self-Image is formed by countless (!) imprints, both positive and negative. We want to hail the positive imprints and ignore the negative miscues. Each time we perform at a peak level, we stand up and cheer … “That’s like me!!!” WooHoo! 👍🏻

  • That’s like me to confidently present myself.
  • That’s like me to stretch outside my comfort zone.
  • That’s like me to delegate effectively.
  • That’s like me to be kind and generous.
  • That’s like me!

To supercharge the formation of our desired Self-Image, we also can practice the opposite … “That’s NOT like me!” 👎🏻

You make a mistake, you forget something, your mind is filled with judgments about someone, you allow fatigue to take control, you want to quit, etc. When you do something subpar and lame … simply whisper to yourself, “That’s not like me.”

Then press on and get back to being your unfettered best. That’s like you!

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