“Papa” – the Magic Word

by Ray Reuter on December 7, 2017

One of the most pleasant sounds in my life is one of my grandchildren calling out, “Papa!” And with 11 grandchildren, I get to hear it often! ツ It confirms they know me, need me, generally want something from me. I will unpack this a bit …

  • They KNOW me. They know I am present, in the room, within earshot. They know my name. They know and trust I will respond and answer them.
  • They NEED me. Sometimes they are hurt and they desire comfort. Sometimes they need me to resolve a disagreement > conflict > fight. They need me to reach something, get something, fix something, open something.
  • They WANT something from me. A drink, a snack, to go outside, to play a game, to watch a movie or show. Often times they have an imaginative idea they want to run by me.

These interactions may be instant or they may linger. Regardless, “Papa” is a magic word. And it brings me JOY to hear it.

The same is true of our Heavenly “Papa” or Father. That should be our magic word as well, always on our lips. Our Heavenly Father likes to be known, to be needed, to be wanted. It brings Him JOY to hear us know and call His name.

“Papa” — make it a go-to word!

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