“God And” vs. “God Only”

by Ray Reuter on August 15, 2012

This post was originally published on KINGDOMablaze.  

In business and in life, each of us continually face “key moments” – triggering events that demand a response. Some key moments are big – e.g., hiring, firing, taking on a new client, developing a new service – and others are small – e.g., which computer to buy, communications, dealing with sales rejection, and so forth. Every key moment involves an element of choice, and with that choice comes discernment – deciding which choice is best.

As follower of Jesus Christ in your business, discernment involves listening to and acting in alignment with the Father’s will. Jesus was unerring in his discernment of the Father’s will because he was a man without sin. For Jesus, it was always about “God only.”

Peter, on the other hand, loved God, loved Jesus, and he loved a few other things as well … like his safety, the attention of others, results. Peter wanted to do God’s will, but he wanted some other stuff too. We could say that Peter loved “God and” rather than “God only.” These other things are sometimes called “disordered attachments” as they prevent us and generally confuse us from being freely connected to God.

So in our work and life, we want to become aware of what gets in the way of fully discerning God’s will and desire for us. While we will not be “perfect” like Jesus, we can work toward focusing on “God only” discernment as we navigate the key moments along the road.

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