God vs. Siri

by Ray Reuter on November 13, 2014


With my new iPhone and iOS 8, I noticed that Siri continues to get better. And as wonderful as Siri is, Siri still falls short of God.

To use the command, “Hey Siri!” one’s iPhone must be plugged in. Thankfully, we can always call out, “Hey God!” and He is always available and “plugged in” to our lives.

You iPhone users I’m sure have attempted to access Siri and have received the response, “I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any more requests right now. Please try again in a little while.” Can you imagine God saying that?! Fortunately, God is limitless and is able to take ALL of our requests ALL the time. He is always online and thankfully has no bandwidth limitations.

Siri is quite good at providing answers right when we need them. We can ask for directions, information, scores, weather, etc. and get an immediate response. We get seduced with this “instant answer” experience. Now God on the other hand, generally does not give us an instant response to our prayer requests. Rather, He wants to strengthen and deepen our faith in our lives and in our relationships. While frustrating, God always wants what is best for us and loves us enough to give us hope and belief that will last forever.

When we ask Siri a question, she talks back to us and we can hear her reply. That’s cool. God also talks back to us – through our hearts. It forces us to be still and listen with the ears of our heart.

I love my iPhone and Siri is an amazing tool. However, God wins this face off every time.

Suggestion … whenever you access Siri, be reminded of God and offer a prayer of thanksgiving to Him at the same time.


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