God’s Grand Portage

by Ray Reuter on June 22, 2017

The Grand Portage, or Great Carrying Place, was a key 18th century link between the Pigeon River and Lake Superior, making it also a vital connection between Montreal and the rich fur-bearing lands far to the northwest. Travelled for centuries by Native peoples, the 8.5 mile portage bypassed the unnavigable rapids and waterfalls on the lower 21 miles of the Pigeon River. 

Just a few weeks ago my wife and I visited The Grand Portage and briefly walked part of this historic trail. I thought about the voyageurs who carried thousands of tons of furs and trade goods across the Grand Portage on their backs. The Grand Portage was the way to connect and prosper.

I think of the role God plays in my life and the “Grand Portage” that He provides as a voyageur. God is my companion and helps carry the load not just 8.5 miles, but for a lifetime. He is The Way that enables me to bypass the seemingly unnavigable parts of my life … and to prosper through that relationship. He alone is the link between this world and eternal life — the grandest portage of all.

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