Warrior Superstars

by Ray Reuter on June 15, 2017

I admit I have become obsessed watching the Golden State Warriors the past few years, and it was wonderful to see them win this year’s NBA Finals. I love the way they play the game of basketball — there is something beautiful, magical, delightful. There is a “flow” to their game as a TEAM. And that is what I admire the most, and I am energized by the results because it demonstrates the power of teamwork and unselfishness. This team certainly has talent … yet the difference maker is a focus on the team over self. There is an unselfish and selfless attitude and a passion to make others their very best. They trust and have faith that by enabling others to excel, they will excel together and achieve winning results.

The Golden State Warriors are a model of a highly functional team for all teams to learn from. They trust each other, which is the foundation of a top performing team. They are unselfish and commit to the betterment of the team and others over themselves. Nothing exemplifies this more than the assimilation of one of the NBA’s best players — Kevin Durant — on to a team already with multiple all-stars. It worked because everyone made it work through a spirit of giving vs. taking — especially Steph Curry, last year’s unanimous MVP. Curry was a superstar that made major sacrifices for the group. Curry and other superstars behaved aligned with the belief and perspective … if I can help you and others get better, I will also benefit and be victorious. The result is they won it all together. Superstars that sacrifice are the most vital ingredient in building any dynasty or a great organization.

It is a cliche loaded with truth … T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More. Even Superstars!

P.S. I love this picture as it also includes Kevin Durant’s mother — another amazing model of sacrifice. I love the joy on her face for her son.

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