Hollow Me

by Ray Reuter on March 15, 2018

I was inspired at a TobyMac concert by a prayer that Toby prays with his band before starting to record music. The essence is to ask to be hollowed of anything that is not of God so that God can breathe something through us that is beyond us. This petition prompts me to get out of the way for something greater.

So now I begin my day with the following prayer request.

God, hollow me of anything that would get in Your way of unfettering the potential in others. Hollow me of any pride, insecurity and doubt. Make me a hollow enough vessel that You can breathe something through me that would turn people’s eyes to You. Make me hollow enough that You can breathe something that is more inspiring than I could ever create, more awakening than I could ever hope, more impactful than I could ever imagine. Breathe something that is literally BEYOND ME.

Consider customizing this invocation for yourself. ツ

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